AIDS is a disease that knows no age limit.  It can infect the young, old and the unborn.  In developed
    countries there is medication that can be given to expectant mothers with AIDs that will greatly reduce
    passing the disease on to their unborn child.  In Cambodia, this treatment is generally not available
    and many children are born with AIDS.  They are HIV positive for the rest of their lives.  Their parents
    died of this dreaded disease and left them alone in this world to survive on their own.

Anakut Laor is a residential home for orphans with AIDS.  It was opened in Phnom Penh in May 2005 by Jean-Yves Dufour, the former Head of Mission for Pharmaciens sans Frontieres.  In Southeast Asia, victims of the killer disease are treated like lepers and condemned to society’s scrap heap.  These cheerful faces you see here were not always like this.  In Cambodia, children with the disease have a bleak and painful future.  Jean-Yves and his wife, Dominique, wanted to change this.   They wanted to offer hope to these forgotten children.  From this dream Anakut Laor was born with the hope of a nationwide string of AIDS orphanages available to other unfortunate victims. 

The girls you see here are the first HIV positive girls to attend Anakut Laor orphanage.  Anakut Laor                                                            offers children with AIDS the relevant medical treatment, a first-class education and a secure nurturing                                                        home.  The orphanage is designed to house several 10-15 year old same sex children from rural areas                                                        where the needed HIV drug treatments are not available.  Without these treatments, their future is bleak                                                        with a life expectancy of maybe eight years.                               

                     So this dream can change a life from certain death to one of hope.  These children will be given the
                     opportunity to lead relatively normal productive lives.  One visit with these girls would change your life, as
                    has happened to many people already

                   Anakut Laor is set up to provide the emotional and material needs of the girls.  The girls are educated at a nearby school and as
                   their education develops, vocational skills will become a part of their learning.  Their significant and unique medical care is managed
                  by AIDS specialists and pediatric physicians.

                   Children's Home Kampong Cham is an orphanage dedicated to children infected with the HIV virus. This orphanage is
                   located in Kampong Cham Province.  Yourn Yorn is the president of the board of directors and Yolande Francos is the French
                   founder and coordinator.  The Assistance Fund of Cambodia accepts donations to be directed to CHKC through our
                   board of directors in Cambodia.            
With your help we can offer new hope to these deserving children. 
Currently the cost of running the orphanage is $1,400 USD per month.                                                                                                       What this covers is:

            Rent                  Mothers for the orphans                       
            Teacher             Medical costs    (Including medications) 
            Driver                Security guard
            Plus food, laundry, gas, electricity, and other necessities

A small amount of money makes a big difference in Cambodia.  Your generous donation will help keep these and other children in a healthy and nurturing environment.

$1 feeds each child every day
$15 will provide life-saving drugs for a month
$200 keeps a child at the orphanage for a month.
$1,400 provides total care for all girls at the orphanage for a month.

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Anakut Laor Girls
Anakut Laor Girls