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The Assistance Fund of Cambodia           Educational Support
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Education is the key to a better life and increased opportunities in Cambodia.  But many times there are financial barriers in place that prevent motivated individuals from realizing their dreams.    These could be as simple as learning English or as ambitious as becoming a doctor, accountant, nurse, manager, etc.  

With an average wage of $50 a month, this does not allow a person much flexibility to pay for classes. One of the fundís goals is to support individuals or groups to further their skills and education.                                                                         


                                  An English class or Computer class can cost as little as $30 a month.
                                 There are many Universities and advance training centers available but out of reach of the average Cambodian.  The cost of accounting classes leading to an advance degree can cost $1,000 a year.  This is cheap by Western standards but beyond most young peoples' financial resources.  Vocational schools are also available to teach people the needed skills to get a better paying job.

It is even tougher in remote villages, where there is a constant need for basic supplies to build and maintain schools and hire teachers.   The fund through its field agents is constantly listening to the needs of village chiefs to ensure local schools are serving their communities.

                                        Highly motivated and deserving individuals/groups are identified by a
                                        system of in-country networking.  Supported students are then
                                        accessed on a regular basis in regards to their progress and the
                                         ability of the TAFC to provide continued support.

Your DONATION can help change a personís life and make them a more productive member of society.

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