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The Assistance Fund of Cambodia        Phter Koma Kompong Cham Orphanage
Phter Koma is a small home in Kampong Cham Province, Cambodia which was established by a group of professionals working on an HIV Program, to confront the difficulties that HIV-infected children endure.  We have between 12 and 15 resident children, most of whom, have been neglected or abandoned by their families due to the stigma of their disease.  Phter Koma aims to teach the children how to live and survive with their HIV infection.

Many of the children are in a serious stage of their disease.  Most of them are orphans or at least one of their parents died long ago.  Due to a lack of resources and/or loss of family support, the children failed or abandoned their medication regime.  This ultimately results in treatment failures and the development of AIDS, resulting in opportunistic infections and death.

Moved by the distress of these children and their families, as well as the health and social risks faced by the children such as dismissal from family life due to fear of the disease, domestic slavery and risk of sale into prostitution, our response was to create a center where they could receive appropriate care and attention in a safe environment.  This project is unique in the province, where no similar programs have been executed.

After an explorative study, the positive reaction of many people ready to support the project prompted our decision to create two associations:  one in Cambodia called Phter Koma Kompong Cham (La maison des enfants Kompong Cham) and one in France called Phter Koma, La maison des enfants.  The Cambodian association is in charge of running the children’s home and providing appropriate care to the resident children.  The French association is in charge of providing financial and technical support to the Cambodian association.

Many NGOs work in Cambodia, but very few are managed by Cambodian people.  Besides supporting the children, this project aims to give back, on a small scale, control to local people.

In France, 68 people are now committed to financially supporting Phter Koma where the doors opened to welcome the children in June 2012.  However,  much is needed to ensure the sustainability of Phter Koma Children’s Home and WE NEED MORE SUPPORT.

Phter Koma Kompong Cham partnered with our friends at The Assistance Fund of Cambodia (TAFC) to collect further donations.  In the United States, tax deductible donations should be sent to TAFC.  Your donations will then be forwarded to us at the Phter Koma Kompong Cham Association where they will be used towards full time care and education of our resident children.  If you would like to find out more, please visit our website at



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Phter Koma Kompong Cham Orphanage